SKINNY & CO Jojoba Body Melt 6 oz
SKINNY & CO Jojoba Body Melt 6 oz

SKINNY & CO Jojoba Body Melt 6 oz

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Skinny Rose Jojoba Body Melt is formulated using age defying patented NutraLock technology which locks in vitamins and replenishes your skins ability to heal and correct imperfections - naturally! This silky body melt will delight both your skin and senses. We take our one of a kind patented 100% RAW Skinny Coconut Oil, blend it with nutrient rich jojoba oil and then add therapeutic grade Rose essential oil that nurtures and moisturizes stressed and dehydrated skin. This deeply nourishing body butter will rejuvenate and restore dry and sensitive skin.
  • Rich, long-lasting protection and revitalization
  • Emollient all-over moisturizer
  • Concentrated (no added water)
  • Creamy long lasting hydration
  • Penetrates the deeper layers of skin
  • Helps prevent stretch marks
  • May reduce age spots
  • After sun skincare
  • Healing shaving cream
  • Effective bug and insect repellent
  • pH balanced for beautiful clean skin
  • Prevents skin from sagging
  • Skin immune booster
Our Favorite Uses: Use before hiking or going outdoors. Rose has been shown to be a very effective bug and mosquito repellent Overnight hair masque
Available in 3 scents: Rose Jojoba, Lavender Almond, Marula Argan